A spam filter is a software application that runs on an email server and keeps track of all incoming email messages in order to block any unrequested ones from entering a certain inbox. A few instances of such emails would be: offers for pills or cash, fake bank statements or email attachments that contain malware sent with the idea to damage your PC. Spam filters typically examine the content of an email message and when they detect given keywords or other dubious content, they either erase the message or forward it to the Junk/Spam folder instead of the Inbox folder. Certain web hosts combine their own filters with up-to-date databases from spam-tracking organizations, so as to guarantee higher levels of safety for their clients. Such databases include patterns, email server IPs and other information about spam email messages recently reported by these organizations.
Spam Filters in Semi-dedicated Hosting
Our semi-dedicated server accounts come with exceptional anti-spam protection guaranteed by the famous SpamAssassin anti-spam filter, which rates all inbound messages based on a spam score that depends on parameters and patterns, such as the frequency of specific keywords and phrases, the sender, the subject, etc. When you activate the filter for any mailbox through the Email Manager section of your Hepsia Control Panel, you can select between five separate levels of protection – from very low to very high. If you continue to get unsolicited bulk messages, you can raise the level, or if authentic email messages are blocked as spam, you can lower it. Activating or deactivating the spam protection takes as little as two mouse clicks and you can choose if the filtered email messages should be deleted straight away or if they should be re-sent to a chosen email address where you can read them later, so as to make certain that important messages will not disappear.